Improving Our Workplace Safety Record

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Improving Our Workplace Safety Record

After I started working in my dad's factory, I could tell that there were a few changes that we needed to make right away. The workers weren't taking safety seriously, and it showed. Within a period of about three weeks, four workers had been involved in accidents. I knew that I wanted to turn things around, so I started focusing on following all of the rules. Within the period of about year, we were able to slash our accident record. This blog is designed to help people who work in the processing and manufacturing field know how to take care of their employees and prevent dramatic losses.

Why Graphite Is A Preferred Material In Machine Shops

Many machine shops have the equipment and capabilities to work with all sorts of materials. If a certain part or other item needs to be made out of a certain material, then this typically is not a problem. This does not mean that machine shop owners don't have their preferences when it comes to materials that they work with, however. For many, EDM graphite is a preferred material for the following reasons:

You Can Use Most Types of Machinery

In comparison to some other materials, graphite is easier to cut and work with. Machine shop owners typically do not have to worry about purchasing specific tools and machines in order to work with graphite. Instead, since graphite is very easy to work with, most machine shop employees can use the machinery that is already in place in the shop.

It Comes in Large, Affordable Blocks

Cost is obviously a consideration when choosing materials to work with. Graphite isn't the cheapest material that can be used for making products, but it is an affordable option in comparison to some other materials. It is generally sold in big blocks, so it's easy to buy a large amount of graphite to work with without spending a lot of money.

It Does Not Melt

One unique thing about graphite in comparison to many metals and plastics is the fact that it does not melt. It will eventually turn into a gas, but this does not happen unless it is exposed to very high temperatures. Therefore, it is good for use in a hot machine shop, where other materials might be prone to melting if they are not handled and stored properly.

It Can Be Used to Make All Sorts of Products

Graphite is used to make all sorts of products. This mineral is used to make everything from pencils to batteries to lubricants to brake linings. Many people are surprised by all of the things that graphite can be used for. When machine shop owners and workers are looking for a good all-purpose material that can be used for a number of purposes, graphite is something that many of them reach for.

In many machine shops, graphite is a preferred material. If you work in a machine shop or if you are planning on hiring a machine shop to do a job for you, then you might want to learn more about graphite. Once you do, you might find that it is one of your favorite materials to make things from, too.