Improving Our Workplace Safety Record

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Improving Our Workplace Safety Record

After I started working in my dad's factory, I could tell that there were a few changes that we needed to make right away. The workers weren't taking safety seriously, and it showed. Within a period of about three weeks, four workers had been involved in accidents. I knew that I wanted to turn things around, so I started focusing on following all of the rules. Within the period of about year, we were able to slash our accident record. This blog is designed to help people who work in the processing and manufacturing field know how to take care of their employees and prevent dramatic losses.

Got Some Residential Steel? 5 Uses For It And The Benefits Of Using Steel

If you have some residential steel, you should know there are many ways you can use the steel. Even if you do not have much you can purchase more steel or ask a builder to use steel. To get started, below are five uses for the steel, as well as benefits of using steel for the project you are working on.

Uses for Residential Steel

One way to use residential steel is to create concrete a foundation for your home. This works well if you are building a home, but you can also hire a contractor to reinforce a foundation that is failing or is in bad shape. The contractor will use anchors made of steel to make the foundation much stronger so it can support your home.

You can also raise your home off the ground using steel columns, along with floor bearers. This would be beneficial if you live an area that gets constant flooding.

If you are building a home, you can choose steel to frame the walls instead of using wood. Steel is much more durable than wood and it is much less expensive. You can also choose steel framing for the exterior doors of y our home. This makes the doors much more durable and provides more safety for you and your family.

Benefits of Using Residential Steel

There are many benefits of using residential steel in your home including:

  • Lighter: Steel is much lighter when compared to many other building materials, such as wood. This means what you are constructing can be constructed quicker.
  • Will not erode: Steel will not erode over time, which means what you are using it for will stand up for many years.
  • Increased length: You can find steel in a variety of lengths. This makes it easier for builders when purchasing steel because they can purchase less sheets instead of individual sheets of steel for the home. Once they get the steel on the property, they can cut it to the desired shape and size, if needed.
  • Consumes less room: Steel also consumes less room. For example, if you are putting up a pillar and use timber bar, the timber will take up much more room when compared to using steel pillars.
  • Resistant to fire and insects: You will also find that steel is resistant to fire, as well as insects, such as termites.

Talk with a company that sells residential steel to learn of other ways you can use it, as well as other benefits steel offers.