Improving Our Workplace Safety Record

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Improving Our Workplace Safety Record

After I started working in my dad's factory, I could tell that there were a few changes that we needed to make right away. The workers weren't taking safety seriously, and it showed. Within a period of about three weeks, four workers had been involved in accidents. I knew that I wanted to turn things around, so I started focusing on following all of the rules. Within the period of about year, we were able to slash our accident record. This blog is designed to help people who work in the processing and manufacturing field know how to take care of their employees and prevent dramatic losses.

Keeping Memorabilia Safe For Trade Shows And Expositions

The life of traveling from city to city for trade shows and expositions can be exciting. One of the major responsibilities that you will have is figuring out how to transport all of your memorabilia safely, on a consistent basis. If you are interested in figuring out how to keep your items safe but attractive, here are some ideas on how to choose the proper display boxes.

Velvet-lined boxes

No matter the type of products you carry, one of the best ways to make sure it is protected is to line the boxes with soft material. Have display boxes manufactured with velvet lining the bottom of the box. Velvet material is often superior because it holds its form well while being soft enough to cradle and protect material. Transparent boxes that are lined with velvet are also more appealing to the eye.

Heavy open cases

By design, all display cases for trade shows should only be opened on purpose. While traveling, you need to know that your products will remain stable and won't fall out. If you display memorabilia, items that become dirty or damaged can have diminished value or even become useless on the trade circuit if you are scouting for buyers. Heavy glass or acrylic display boxes with snap closures make for protective cases. Make sure you test each box upon receipt to ensure that it snaps closed as you need and won't cause issues later.

Lock space

While a snap closure is necessary for being able to open and close the display case quickly, you may also want to be able to take more secure measures for preventing theft of your product. Select boxes with holes that will allow you to install your own keyed locks. Your own locks are best, as you do not want to have standard locks that may be similar to that of others who are at the trade show and may use the same type of lock cases.

Heavy duty and stackable

Depending on how you travel, you may often have to pack up your display boxes and items inside of suitcases. If you carry the items in a suitcase, you will need to go with display cases that are heavy duty and shatterproof. Shatterproof products that can stand up to heavy usage ensure that you only have to invest in the display boxes once. In order to keep the boxes in good condition, place a layer of foam or cushion between each row so that the corners do not become blunt from continuous rubbing. Contact a box manufacturer, like Northwest Paper Box MFRS INC, for more info.