Improving Our Workplace Safety Record

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Improving Our Workplace Safety Record

After I started working in my dad's factory, I could tell that there were a few changes that we needed to make right away. The workers weren't taking safety seriously, and it showed. Within a period of about three weeks, four workers had been involved in accidents. I knew that I wanted to turn things around, so I started focusing on following all of the rules. Within the period of about year, we were able to slash our accident record. This blog is designed to help people who work in the processing and manufacturing field know how to take care of their employees and prevent dramatic losses.

Tips for Using an Industrial Can Seamer Safely

If you need to seal cans, you likely have a can seamer to help you with this process so that you get it done more quickly. However, it is really important that you don't accidentally get hurt while using the can seamer. Here are some tips for making sure that you and your employees stay perfectly safe while sealing cans. 1. Wear Gloves Your first step is to wear thick gloves in order to make sure that you don't cut yourself. Read More 

How To Safely Stockpile Fuel For The Future

Many people throughout the United States today believe that a natural disaster or apocalyptic event will take place at some point in the future. In order to prepare for survival during one of these events, it's not uncommon for people to stockpile basic necessities. If you have a generator or motor vehicle, you will need fuel to keep these machines running. Here are three tips you can use to safely stockpile fuel for the future. Read More